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First Court
Focus Groups

Apply today and get paid for your opinions!

Make extra money by providing your opinions on real issues.

Are you looking for a way to earn more cash or participate in a new and unique experience? First Court offers you the opportunity to gather with people from your local communities and participate in focus groups that are not only a way to earn fast and easy cash, but are also fun and interactive! 

How It Works

The first step toward becoming a focus group participant is to complete our online application form. After you fill out the application, it is reviewed by our team of recruiters. Those who are a good fit for the project will be contacted to do a brief phone interview. After the all the phone interviews are conducted, our recruiters will select the group for the project. Everyone who applies will be notified by phone or email whether or not they have been chosen to be a participant.

What We Do

Over the past 30+ years First Court has conducted thousands of focus groups in 49 states. We work with our clients to gather valuable feedback on various topics specific to communities in the United States. As part of the project, we keep your data completely private, only sharing it with our clients on the particular project. 

The projects are typically held as either online or in-person. Our online projects are held via a video conference from your home. We value real feedback from real people who represent your local community. We are excited for you to join one of our focus groups today! 

Online Focus Groups


Participate in a virtual focus group that can be joined via the comfort of your own home.

In-Person Focus Groups


Join fellow community members in an in-person focus group that is being held near you.

Reviews from Our Participants

Our Recruiters

All of our applications are carefully reviewed by our recruiting team. If your application makes it to the phone interviewed stage, one of our recruiters pictured below will reach out to you!



















Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I fill out an application to a project, does that mean I am automatically hired?

A: No. If your application meets the requirements for the project, one of our recruiters will call you for a brief phone interview. If you are selected, you will get a confirmation email from one of our recruiters with further information on the details of the participation in the project. All people who apply for a project will get notified of whether they are selected or not.

Q: How do I get paid if I work for you?

A: We offer compensation via a check sent in the mail which takes about two weeks to reach your mailbox or Direct Deposit which takes about four business days to reach your bank account. 

Q: Can I participate in a project that is not in my location of residence if it is online?

A: No. All of our projects are location specific and we can only hire participants that reside in the location where the project is taking place.

Q: What if there is not a focus group being held in my area, but I still want to participate?

A: If we are not currently hosting a focus group in your area, please register for the "Generic Registration" on the bottom of list of locations. After you apply for the generic registration, when we do have a project in your area, you will be notified via email and invited to apply. We are adding and updating our projects everyday so this is the best way to be notified when we are in your area!


Work With Us On a Project Near You!

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